Day 3: Enlightening

I’m happy to announce that Day 3 of my Nutritional Cleanse went a heck of a lot better than the past two. Today I succumbed to eating a real food for lunch and was rewarded with less hunger pains and more energy. I’m starting to become an Isagenix believer!

My Daily Recap

It was a pleasant day here in Dillon, Colorado. I started my morning off with a nice hike up Tenderfoot Mountain with my dog Winston. At the peak, I consumed the rest of my IsaLean shake and took in the sights. I wasn’t hungry and I didn’t crave real food.


Tenderfoot Mountain Trail Dillon, CO

I spent most of my afternoon planning for my upcoming July wedding. Even though our celebration has brought me much joy and excitement, the details have been quite stressful and overwhelming. I’m appreciating having at least one thing in my life being simplified currently. The IsaLean shakes are proving themselves to be a great meal substitution.

If you’re wondering what I had for lunch, here is a picture.


Greens! Gotta love that spinach life

I was going to make myself a chicken wrap, but I opted for the deconstructed version instead. I prepared a spinach salad with orange bell peppers, cherry tomatoes, avocado and some grilled chicken. I drizzled a little bit of balsamic vinegar on top and toasted half of a spinach tortilla to add some texture to my meal. I’m not very good at counting calories, but I watch my portion sizes. I ate slowly as I continued my wedding planning and was surprised at how full I felt. I didn’t even finish all of the chicken!

My evening consisted of going to the gym and Target. My current exercise routine includes 3 days of strength training, 2-3 days of swimming laps in the pool and 2-3 days of running or mountain biking. Today I did a 45-minute circuit utilizing the row machine, dumbbells, and a kettle bell followed by a half hour in the pool. I’m recovering from a hyperextended shoulder, but my workout felt great! I was relieved to get some resistance training in and stretch out my muscles in the pool.

In case you’re wondering how Target went, it was awesome! I remembered everything that I needed and didn’t buy too much stuff that wasn’t on my list… That’s always a win!

I’m a little weary of the long weekend at work. It’s the Bacon and Bourbon Festival at Keystone. Every restaurant will be featuring “tastes” and usually they’re irresistible. I hope that inxpot is so busy that I forget about all the tempting food!



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