Day 4: Chasing the Light


This hill is more intimidating in person…

My day started with a relaxing three mile run on some local trails. I was able to do some hill repeats and felt extremely strong considering that I started at 6am! I’m used to exercising in the evening. Early workouts can be rough, but the morning light casts a special glow on the mountains. It’s always a treat to see them in all their glory!

For my breakfast I consumed a chocolate IsaLean shake with banana, PB2 powder and chia seeds. Since I had to work, it took me until almost noon to finish it. I’m the operations manager at a very busy coffeeshop in Keystone, Colorado. It’s hard to get a break so the shakes are a great way to get nutrition on the go.

I had a small spinach salad with tomatoes, avocado and (yes, I caved) bacon braised pork! I’m a sucker for bacon! Our restaurant paired this savory meat with queso freso and pineapple cilantro salsa to make some mean tacos. I opted for the snack size version and used some of the bacon-braised pork in a salad.


Bacon Braised Pork Tacos (that I didn’t eat, but really wanted to)

Since I was at inxpot until almost 7pm, I chose to eat some plain oatmeal with yogurt and fresh berries as my snack. I didn’t have any snacks today nor did I consume another shake. I figured that the salad and oatmeal mixture was enough food for the day…

After work, my little hamily chased the sunset. We hiked near the Dillon Reservoir. We caught some magnificent views of our favorite mountains and even saw some really pretty wildflowers! The long days full of light are quite rejuvenating.


Winston watching the sunset

Even though I didn’t exactly follow the daily regiment set out for Isagenix’s 30-Day Nutritional Cleanse, I thought critically about the food that I did consume. I have also significantly decreased my caffeine intake. I’m a whole milk latte gal. Since I’ve been drinking the shakes and water, however, I have no desire to consume other liquids. Who would’ve thought that a caffeine habit would be so easy to break?

I’ll be on the go again tomorrow at work so I have my IsaLean powder all packed and ready to go. I plan to weight myself and start thinking more critically about how the Isagenix program is influencing my life.


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