Day 7: My first cleanse day!

Apparently, your first cleanse day on the Isagenix system is a pretty big deal. I get it, not eating for a whole day is hard. It can be not only a mental challenge, but it also has physical ramifications. Surprisingly, I did not experience any issues and I haven’t been hungry all day! Can I get a heck yeah?

This moment in time marks 24 hours since I last consumed solid foods. I spent today drinking Isagenix Cleanse for life, eating a few Isasnack tablets, and having my Natural Accelerator pills. In addition to these products, I drank a lot of water and one americano (espresso shots with hot water).

I had a lot of energy throughout the day. I stayed busy hiking with my dog, planning my wedding, proof-reading menus for inxpot, and riding my bike. It was a really full day so I think that I forgot about food. I didn’t experience any physical issues besides a brief moment of light-headedness (but that was quickly absolved by drinking water).

FullSizeRender (1).jpg

Hanging out with my dog on our 7 mile hike (yes, he really does hike that far and yes, he is terrified of the river because he fell in once)

It will be interesting to see how 30-Day Cleansing Program goes. I have noticed that I have a lot of energy. I don’t feel like I need an afternoon latte to get me through the day. I also enjoy the fact that I think more critically about what goes into my body. Of course nobody is perfect and we give into cravings, but what really matters is to have a balance!




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