Day 8: My 48-Hour Cleanse

Today I kept my first cleanse rolling! Apparently your body gains even more benefits after 36 hours. I’m ecstatic to report that I made my first cleanse day last 48 hours! Two days of cleansing and I’m feeling great!


Morning walk with Winston and my Cleanse for Life

I stayed busy today with more wedding planning. There are so many details to figure out that things usually start to snowball. I’m left with a headache and an ever-growing list with nothing checked off. Instead of feeling overwhelmed, I was actually really focused today and accomplished a lot!


Getting shredded


In addition to crossing a hefty amount of tasks off my list, I was able to make it to the gym. My ankle has been in a lot of pain recently so I decided to hit the weight room. It’s always such a meat-fest in there, but I lasted almost an hour. I had some AMPED to power through my workout.




I broke my cleanse day with a veggie pasta mixture. It felt really good to do a 48-hour cleanse, but I was really happy to eat something real! As I ate my dinner, I reflected about how the Isagenix 30-Day Cleansing System has really got me thinking critically about what I put in my body.


Spinach, bell peppers, veggie pasta, grilled chicken, parmesan, pepper

My weight hasn’t changed much this week, however, I have noticed other things. I gained a lot of energy and didn’t feel sluggish. My stomach appears leaner and I am beginning to notice a little more muscle definition. I’m still having issues sleeping, but I think that is due to all of the stress surrounding the wedding. It’s 17 days away! That’s enough time to really see what this program can do for me. I might even take another whack at a 48-hour cleanse if I can keep my mind right!



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