Day 18: Falling off the Bandwagon

As we enter the final week of preparation for our wedding, I’m falling off track with my shake consumption. Ole’s parents are visiting which means more meals together. I successfully replaced my breakfast with an IsaLean shake, however, I find them less and less satisfying as time goes by. I ended up eating half of an IsaBar to satisfy my chewing desire and hunger level.

We did a lot of shopping followed by crafting. I am making all of the signage for the wedding. It’s a lot of work figuring out all the phrases and fonts, but I’m slowly getting there.

Ole and I took Winston out for a nice hike on Oro Grande Trail. It was not the longest walk, but we were grateful to get outside with our dog!


Me with my baby ham

I’m hoping to get back on the two shakes per day plan soon, but we will be vacationing for a couple days to relieve some built up tension. I’ll probably have to re-start my 30-Day Cleanse after the wedding to get some major results.


Day 17: Carefree

Today was my final shift at inxpot before my wedding. I’m really looking forward to tying all of the final plans together. I’ve been working on this for months, but things are finally coming together! It is a big relief.

I have been overwhelmed by life recently. I started the 30-day cleanse at a very stressful time, but it has proven to simplify a few factors of my day. It has been really nice to consume some good, healthy nutrients in the morning. I still have issues with finding the time for “healthy snacks” during my shifts at inxpot. I need to be more adamant about preparing them in advance if I ever want to succeed.

I was able to make it to the gym for another solid workout. I actually went with a friend and we did interval exercises with the BOSU ball. I like to incorporate the rowing machine as well as the rope climber. I added in some medicine ball trampoline tosses. The 40 minute tabata workout was very tiring but I completed 10 miles of intervals on the spin bike to round it out.

Fortunately, my in-laws are visiting and they have been providing us with delicious dinners. I had a deconstructed chicken fajita for dinner.


Spinach topped with chicken, cherry tomatoes, homemade chunky corn bean salsa, sautéed onions and peppers

Day 16: Finding My Strength

It’s been a few hectic weeks at work. I’m new to managing and sometimes I don’t know how to properly things. Especially when it comes to conveying my feelings in the workplace, my words don’t seem to come out right.

I’ve been trying hard to be a kind, respectful and appreciative authority figure. I am hoping that this new mindset will make my employment more enjoyable. I just really want the coffee shop to deliver consistent, quality products so I’ve been working hard on sharing my knowledge with others. It is extremely difficult to construct the right words in a memorable fashion but I’m attempting to find them on the daily.

Isagenix has been keeping me full throughout the day. I will admit that I do eat a few unhealthy snack bits, but I have been thoughtful to keep it to a minimum. Today I successfully replaced breakfast and lunch with IsaLean shakes. I find myself craving to chew real food for lunch. It seems mostly mental though. I should probably try to crunch on some celery tomorrow!

I did 40 minutes of HIIT resistance training at the gym and matched that time on a spin bike. I like to incorporate interval cardio training post anaerobic exercise. I read that doing this really strain your muscles. I have a lot to learn about growing my muscles, but I hope to learn more soon.


Day 15: Round Two on Two Wheels

Today I spent another afternoon on my mountain bike after work. I logged 22 miles and felt great! I’ve been consistently replacing my breakfast with an IsaLean shake and Accelerator pills. I’m really happy with my performance on this 30-Day Cleanse!

There is one switch back on Oro Grande Trail that I’ve never been able to climb. Today I conquered the incline all the way to the top! Everyday that I ride, I gain more confidence on my mountain bike. I’m unsure if my performance correlates with the nutrition of Isagenix or not, but I’m happy with how things are going!

Day 14: Rejuvenated

Today was another beautiful day in summit county. I was able to get out for a nice walk around Keystone with my hamily before work. After my shift, I went on an 18-mile mountain bike ride. It was hard to hit the trails after being on my feet all day, but I had a really fun time scaring myself!

I started and ended my day with IsaLean shakes. The problem at work is that I tend to have little snacks my whole shift and not a whole meal. I need to get better at eating healthy snacks at the same time everyday as well as consuming solid meals while working.

Overall, I feel really strong and have been enjoying the IsaLean shakes. I can’t pinpoint exact benefits, but I do have a lot of energy. My favorite part of the day is getting to have my Ionix shot in the morning! It is a refreshing way to kick off the day!

It has been hard to replace real food with a shake for dinner. It’s great to drink my breakfast, but the evening makes things a little more difficult. After my bike ride, I had a shake and a serving of oatmeal for dinner. I figured that I needed a little extra after 18 miles on my mountain bike!

Day 13: Not so lucky…


Cleanse For Life 

I spent today stressed out about my wedding. It’s been hard to stay positive when it seems like all I do is mend my own mistakes. But you don’t really know how things will go until they happen…

Since I knew that today I would be preoccupied with wedding planning, I chose to cleanse. I was more mindful of consuming something hourly than during my first cleanse. I rotated between Isasnacks and Cleanse for Life throughout the day, but around 5pm I started to feel nauseous and light-headed.

I decided to eat a real dinner around 7pm. This was a little shy of a 24-hour cleanse, but I did my best. I wanted to get in another cleanse day before my wedding, however, I think that my body wasn’t happy with that decision.

It’s good to have a better understanding of my body though. Maybe if I had a few apple slices I could have made it overnight, but I can honestly say that I felt like I was on the verge of fainting! All better now though and I might try another cleanse day in a week.



Spinach wrap with potatoes, egg, avocado, spinach, cheese, bacon. Quinoa chips with homemade pineapple salsa.

Day 12: Work, work, work, work, work

Today I put in almost 12 hours at inxpot. Sunday shifts are really long because it’s inventory and order day. Not only am I responsible for opening the shop, but I’m in charge of keeping things flowing throughout the day and line things up for the upcoming week.

It’s really difficult to be a manager at a coffee shop. The hours are early, the shifts are long and the customers can be cranky. But at the end of the day, I know that I’ve helped some people enjoy their keystone experience. And I’m always happy to go home to my wonderful hamily!

I wasn’t successful at consuming two IsaLean shakes today. I drank a vanilla one with chia seeds for breakfast but then I lost track of time. I had two 200 calorie snacks today so I just had an early dinner. I had kale, pretzels and half of a tuna salad wrap. Strange combo, I know! But I had to satisfy all of my cravings before going into another cleanse day!


Day 11: Fun in the Sun

I got to spend my whole day with my partner in crime! We had a really full day that included an 8-mile hike, lots of errands and even more wedding planning. It was hard to replace two meals with IsaLean shakes, but I managed to do it. I will admit, however, that our hike made me so hungry that I ate a bagel, banana and some nuts as snacks today. No regrets! They were all delicious!


Willow Falls with my Hamily

I definitely feel really focused and full of energy. The only downside about today was that my lunch shake didn’t tame my hunger levels after our hike. I should have packed a granola bar…

I’m preparing myself for another busy day at work. I laid out all of my Isagenix stuff for the morning and plan to have some apple slices on hand for quick snacks! Even though my weight has stayed the same, I have noticed that my abdomen seems leaner and I have a good amount of energy. Some days I’m better about sticking to the plan than others, but overall I’m enjoying the IsaLife.


Day 10: Same Old

Nothing new to report today. Just another busy day at work. I only had one IsaLean shake. I consumed a healthy snack (apple slices and peanut butter) and had a filling dinner (salmon, spinach and quinoa).


My Favorite Dinner!