Day 11: Fun in the Sun

I got to spend my whole day with my partner in crime! We had a really full day that included an 8-mile hike, lots of errands and even more wedding planning. It was hard to replace two meals with IsaLean shakes, but I managed to do it. I will admit, however, that our hike made me so hungry that I ate a bagel, banana and some nuts as snacks today. No regrets! They were all delicious!


Willow Falls with my Hamily

I definitely feel really focused and full of energy. The only downside about today was that my lunch shake didn’t tame my hunger levels after our hike. I should have packed a granola bar…

I’m preparing myself for another busy day at work. I laid out all of my Isagenix stuff for the morning and plan to have some apple slices on hand for quick snacks! Even though my weight has stayed the same, I have noticed that my abdomen seems leaner and I have a good amount of energy. Some days I’m better about sticking to the plan than others, but overall I’m enjoying the IsaLife.



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