Day 14: Rejuvenated

Today was another beautiful day in summit county. I was able to get out for a nice walk around Keystone with my hamily before work. After my shift, I went on an 18-mile mountain bike ride. It was hard to hit the trails after being on my feet all day, but I had a really fun time scaring myself!

I started and ended my day with IsaLean shakes. The problem at work is that I tend to have little snacks my whole shift and not a whole meal. I need to get better at eating healthy snacks at the same time everyday as well as consuming solid meals while working.

Overall, I feel really strong and have been enjoying the IsaLean shakes. I can’t pinpoint exact benefits, but I do have a lot of energy. My favorite part of the day is getting to have my Ionix shot in the morning! It is a refreshing way to kick off the day!

It has been hard to replace real food with a shake for dinner. It’s great to drink my breakfast, but the evening makes things a little more difficult. After my bike ride, I had a shake and a serving of oatmeal for dinner. I figured that I needed a little extra after 18 miles on my mountain bike!


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