Day 16: Finding My Strength

It’s been a few hectic weeks at work. I’m new to managing and sometimes I don’t know how to properly things. Especially when it comes to conveying my feelings in the workplace, my words don’t seem to come out right.

I’ve been trying hard to be a kind, respectful and appreciative authority figure. I am hoping that this new mindset will make my employment more enjoyable. I just really want the coffee shop to deliver consistent, quality products so I’ve been working hard on sharing my knowledge with others. It is extremely difficult to construct the right words in a memorable fashion but I’m attempting to find them on the daily.

Isagenix has been keeping me full throughout the day. I will admit that I do eat a few unhealthy snack bits, but I have been thoughtful to keep it to a minimum. Today I successfully replaced breakfast and lunch with IsaLean shakes. I find myself craving to chew real food for lunch. It seems mostly mental though. I should probably try to crunch on some celery tomorrow!

I did 40 minutes of HIIT resistance training at the gym and matched that time on a spin bike. I like to incorporate interval cardio training post anaerobic exercise. I read that doing this really strain your muscles. I have a lot to learn about growing my muscles, but I hope to learn more soon.



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