Day 18: Falling off the Bandwagon

As we enter the final week of preparation for our wedding, I’m falling off track with my shake consumption. Ole’s parents are visiting which means more meals together. I successfully replaced my breakfast with an IsaLean shake, however, I find them less and less satisfying as time goes by. I ended up eating half of an IsaBar to satisfy my chewing desire and hunger level.

We did a lot of shopping followed by crafting. I am making all of the signage for the wedding. It’s a lot of work figuring out all the phrases and fonts, but I’m slowly getting there.

Ole and I took Winston out for a nice hike on Oro Grande Trail. It was not the longest walk, but we were grateful to get outside with our dog!


Me with my baby ham

I’m hoping to get back on the two shakes per day plan soon, but we will be vacationing for a couple days to relieve some built up tension. I’ll probably have to re-start my 30-Day Cleanse after the wedding to get some major results.


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